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Pleasure and Leisure - 都市閒情 - 2017-06-19

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31 comment(s)
nono 34 days ago
how come the ads show up and cover the screen? can i remove it?
nono 34 days ago
no comment
Alex 61 days ago
I am still waiting for Big Boys Club 28/4/2017. Can you add this?
Admin 68 days ago
@Alex | 22-4? What do you mean?
Alex 93 days ago
The part of 都市閒情 27/3/17 is missing from 27/3/17. Can you fix it?
Alex 105 days ago
Can you try to update 2017 TVB金禧戲劇綜藝強勢登場, please? That variety introduces various series and shows from 2017.
Alex 107 days ago
The part of 都市閒情 (13/3/17)is missing from 25 min 31 sec. Can you fix this?
Alex 141 days ago
Can you add 都市閒情 as at 7/2/2017, please?
Admin 161 days ago
@Alex | 今日 VIP was not released today
Admin 268 days ago
@Alex | we're reuploading . Thanks
Alex 268 days ago
The first part of 都市閒情 (HK 播放日期:3/10/2016)is missing. Can toy
The first part of 都市閒情 (HK 播放日期: 3/10/16)is missing. Can you fix it?
Alex 307 days ago
很好看. 你可不可以告訴我TVB2016里約奧運所有賽事重溫和閉幕禮什麼時候upload這個網站?
sally 341 days ago
20161-07-21 having sound problem. pls help
Admin 376 days ago
@Tan kent Dek | we'll update soon !
Tan kent Dek 376 days ago
Lim Chee wai 398 days ago
hi 有午间新闻吗……我想看
Lim Chee wai 398 days ago
many ads cannot open pls……
Admin 398 days ago
pls wait 15 minutes, We are updating more sever
Lim Chee wai 398 days ago
2016-5-26……no working pls
Admin 427 days ago
we fixed
Gel 427 days ago
2016-04-27 cannot open
Admin 550 days ago
Merry Xmas and Happy New Years
PNL-Watcher 550 days ago
thx a lot, admin. Merry Xmas! :
Admin 551 days ago
it is not error. Pls try again, Thanks
PNL-Watcher 551 days ago
Episode Pleasure and Leisure - 都市閒情 - 2015-10-19 broken / not online
Night Watcher 567 days ago
Sweet!...Thank you for the correct update posting on 2015-12-08 pleasure&leisure..cheers!
Admin 567 days ago
@Night Watcher We fixed, thank for report!
Night Watcher 567 days ago
why is pleasure and leisure on 2015-12-08 same as the one on 2015-12-07???
please update the correct posting...cheers!
Admin 616 days ago
Thank you so much for your error message!
Jane Ned Tsui 616 days ago
Wrong posting! This is not Pleasure and Leisure but Big Brother instead. Please resend again. Thanks.
3No7 631 days ago
Do you have 2015-10-02 episode? Thank you la.
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