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Come Home Love: Lo And Behold - 愛.回家之開心速遞 - Episode 85

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16 comment(s)
Alan 14 days ago
Please fix, the audio and video always does not match, can you please fix problems asap?
CHL 21 days ago
dude stop complaining please.... ads are only a few minutes, just wait...
why does noone appreciate all the effort admin has put into this
thanks for doing everything admin, much appreciated
hmm 22 days ago
I noticed at the end of ep 73 the music sounds like the one used in Architecture 101 trailer
Judy 25 days ago
The drama keep on crashes. Please fix
Jake 40 days ago
What happened to those advertisements??? I'm watching the drama, NOT WATCHING AND HEARING the advertisements!!!!!! Can you shut it down???? So annoying!!!
Mandy 93 days ago
Too many virus can't watch
Pls fix it
Stardiva 93 days ago
Why is there no more English subtitle for hk dramas?
Kay 102 days ago
The advertisements pop up are so annoying. Any soLution to watch on Android chrome browser?
judy 103 days ago
Didn't think that this is going to be a good show, but it is funny & an enjoyable drama. Thank you for posting it. Looking forward to more episodes to come.
Kwwk 104 days ago
What time do you post for this series
Alex 105 days ago
No episode on 3/14?
Admin 107 days ago
@Random | Tonight
Random 107 days ago
When do you post episodes of this series?
Alex 107 days ago
Fix episode 15
Jane 109 days ago
I want to download this drama on 360p, can admin add 360p on ep 13 please
Florenz 118 days ago
A very nice comedy show Gd like it
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