Line Walker - 使徒行者 - Ep 31 (C Sub)

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45 comment(s)
Dante 9 days ago
Episode 6 also in Mandarin, not Cantonese. It seems like the episodes later will be too.
Dante 9 days ago
Episode 5 is in Mandarin for both Chinese and English subtitles, not Cantonese, please fix.
Guest 79 days ago
can not watch
cckl 148 days ago
video don't load.
tek 149 days ago
Problem watching the rest of the series (from episode 9 onward can't be downloaded to be watched) Thanks.
mario 182 days ago
Hi Admin, please upload again 720p of episode 31. It;s not working. Thanks
Jessica 489 days ago
Sorry admin, I forgot to say it was episode 3 english sub that doesn't work :\
Admin 498 days ago
@Jessica | We will fix asap
Jessica 498 days ago
Hi Admin, episode 3 doesn't work, thank you
Rakkata 570 days ago
@admin. Thank you for fixed it. I can download it now.
Rakkata 570 days ago
@Yifeng you can download eps 11-30 with 360 or 720. Admin fixed it already.
Yifeng Huang 573 days ago
Still waiting for 360p and 720p to come back for ep. 11-30. It's been so long without any response.
Rakkata 577 days ago
@admin. Can you give back a 720p for eps. 11-30? I download with a mobile phone. And can not read for server 1 & 2. Please help me admin. Thank you so much.
Yifeng Huang 590 days ago
@Admin | No response for the requests to watch ep. 11-30 in 360p and 720p.
Yifeng Huang 590 days ago
Can we watch ep. 11-30 back in 360p and 720p like we used to? The 1st server buffers too much along with pop up ads!
chua 593 days ago
it loads for so long compared the server before just change it back pls!!!
chua 593 days ago
it loads for so long compared the server
chua 593 days ago
all episode can't be watch after the server was change Pls change back the server before the new server can't even been watch
Simon Ng 594 days ago
Dear admin, why did you switch the player from Episode 11 thru 30 on 4-Nov-2016. Now it is so slow compared to the older player (which still valid for Episode 1 thru 10).
jose lynn 597 days ago
line walker episode 20 can't been watch
Admin 611 days ago
@Yifeng Huang | We've checked and It's working. Please try again with another browser!
Yifeng Huang 611 days ago
Can't watch in 360p and 720p. If I open the video in a new tab, it becomes a 403 error.
Admin 635 days ago
@Yifeng Huang | we will fix soon.Tks for report
Yifeng Huang 635 days ago
Can't watch episode 11-30. They keep saying they'll be coming soon.
Hello 646 days ago
Hey admin, vidoes frm ep 11-30 can't be viewed. It just shows coming soon. Kindly resolve this problem. Thx
Michelle 647 days ago
Hi Admin, not able to watch the video from 19 - 21 videos. Pls assist.
heyhi 648 days ago
admin i cant watch....the screen shows that the drama is coming soon
Admin 680 days ago
@Lynne | we'll fix soon
Lynne 680 days ago
still the same usually I use server 1 to watch but It was block so i change to server 2 but It was too lag ......Pls repair server 1
Admin 681 days ago
@Lynne | We will fix asap
Lynne 681 days ago
all episodes can't be watch
jim 702 days ago
i believe all of server 1's videos have been taken down
Admin 716 days ago
@Kah Mun | It's working. Try again
Kah Mun 716 days ago
Can't watch Ep29 & Ep30. Appreciate if you could upload again. Thanks
KK Lai 767 days ago
Admin, this drama series cannot be downloaded
Chloe 854 days ago
Hello admin, ep 23 can't be download. Please double check on that, thanks admin.
Vileen 893 days ago
I couldn't download EP22. It shows, "{"status":404,"msg":"download token not found o_eFZjEszT0"}".
Admin 905 days ago
Pls try again
William 905 days ago
From EP27 to EP30 I couldn't watch
Wong lai yee 939 days ago
Thank you, admin.
Admin 940 days ago
The part 2 of this drama is not available now
Wong lai yee 940 days ago
Hi, admin. Can I have the part 2 of line walker? Thank you, admin.
Wong lai yee 940 days ago
Hi, good morning admin. I finished watching part of line walker. Is there any part 2? Thank you, admin
Admin 941 days ago
What do you mean?
Wong lai yee 941 days ago
Hi, admin. Any part 2 for line walker coz is simply too exciting and interesting. Thank you, admin.
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