Legal Mavericks - 踩過界 - Ep 28 (C Sub)

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36 comment(s)
Ali 50 days ago
When will episode 21 and further be uploaded with English subtitles? Thank you.
TVB Lover 68 days ago
Thank you admin,for sharing...a very nice touching drama..I really appreciate it.
hkmovielover 75 days ago
cannot download ep 28 :(
wesley 77 days ago
howlong for download link ep 18-28 thankyou
Leanne 79 days ago
and obviously I'm pointing at people like Angry Bird ,Micheal Tan and Au Yeong Tuck Fei. IDIOTIC~~
Leanne 79 days ago
I just dont understand why some people just dont know how to appreciate! the admin uploaded and make it free to view. And you these lazy useless piece of shit, expected so much. If not happy dont watch here, MIGHT AS WELL GO PAY AND WATCH ON TV! STUPIDITY TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!!
justin 79 days ago
why is episode 15 not out yet?
Justin 80 days ago
Admin,so episode 15 will be released today?
Admin,so episode 15 will be released today?
Tom 82 days ago
Lun. Thank you for informing. All the viewers will be happy to hear about it.
Lun 82 days ago
@Tom your welcome. TVB just released the 4 main characters poster for season 2 and it has been confirmed that ep 15 will air on August 1.
Angel 83 days ago
Btw please have eng sub and download link
Angel 83 days ago
Hi admin, would it be better to state when will the show be air on? Perhaps like every wed or Mon? So that we will know that the latest ep has not been air.
Admin 85 days ago
@Tom | So sorry, the next episode has not been aired, we'll upload it when it's available.
Tom 85 days ago
Please do not blame so many viewers fro being angry because hkfree people never bother to explain why there are no episodes 15 onwards despite so many queries from viewers. We should thank LUN for taking the initiative to explain. Thank you LUN.
Lun 86 days ago
For anyone asking why haven't hkfree uploaded ep 15-28 its because tvb decided to be crazy and split the drama into 2 seasons. the first season ended at ep 15. I'm not sure when they will air season 2.
[email protected]#kAngryBird 86 days ago
Angry Bird ,Micheal Tan and Au Yeong Tuck Fei....please check why the drama stop half way BEFORE you guys start [email protected]#KING
Au Yeong Tuck Fei 90 days ago
What the FUCK. You still have not continue this series but now you upload another new series "A General A Scholar and an Eunuch". Will this new show also hanged after a few episodes?
Jen 94 days ago
What is the eng song name in eps 13
Michael Tan 95 days ago
Please remove this series from the website since you have no intention of continuing it.
Angry Bird 95 days ago
If you have no intention to let viewers watch episodes 15 onwards then for heaven's sake dont upload this series at all. What a shame.
Chin Ken Huat 98 days ago
Where the fuck is Episodes 15 onwards. Must we beg you everyday.
Star 104 days ago
Why there's no more upload after ep 14 for so long? Why will you upload the rest of the eps?
A 106 days ago
Hi hi, also wanting to know the English song name in episode 13! Please and thank you
hello 107 days ago
Hello, what is the English song in Episode 13 of Legal Mavericks? Ty
Chin 107 days ago
When are you going to upload episodes 15 onwards?
Crmn 109 days ago
May i know when you will upload ep 15?
Gale yian 110 days ago
Ep 15 when will be upload ???
Ejkdos 111 days ago
Hey admin, how come there aren't any more episodes after episode 14? When will there be more updated?
STeoh 112 days ago
Hi No more episode after ep14? When will it be updated?
yamagi77 112 days ago
ep13 what is the eng song name
Bumblebeez 112 days ago
Why no more update on legal maverick?
moodz 112 days ago
what is the english songs on ep14?
Keikei 116 days ago
i've reached episode 3 and so far all of them are out of sync :( please fix! thanks so much!!
VINCENT 117 days ago
Angel 118 days ago
Can have eng sub and download link?
nancy 118 days ago
why cannot download?pls give me download
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