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HKFree TVB Entertainment News - 娛樂新聞報道

TVB Entertainment News - 娛樂新聞報道 - 2017-04-27

Category: Hong Kong TVShow 2015
Genre(s): TVShow, News
Status: 2017-04-27 Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese
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TVB娛樂新聞台(英语:TVB Entertainment News)是香港無綫網絡電視(2013年前身為無綫收費電視)擁有的一條以直播娛樂新聞為主的頻道,於2006年6月25日晚上7時啟播,目前在無綫收費電視第4頻道和now寬頻電視「無綫收費電視特選組合」第804頻道同步播出。該台宣傳口號為「娛樂圈嘅事,娛樂圈話事」,強調為娛樂圈發聲。馬來西亞Astro亦於2010年7月1日啟播此頻道。
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22 comment(s)
jacky 65 days ago
TVB Entertainment News since 2017-02-17 has not been updated to point to the new daily url for the new shows, please fix thanks.
JaYoe 110 days ago
360p works best for me.
I vote for the return of "360p" server for all TVB programs. Please make it happen.
Admin 128 days ago
@JaYoe | We think The server1 is good for watch. Please let us know if you can't watch. Thanks!
JaYoe 128 days ago
Why no "360p" option on TVB programs? (news, entertainment news, scoop)
Admin 264 days ago
@jimmy | we'll fix soon !
jimmy 264 days ago
admin6/8/26不是娱乐新闻咯,放到电视剧咯。pls 改进。
Admin 307 days ago
@Lim Chee wai | 4th tvb enter not released
Lim Chee wai 307 days ago
Lim chee wai 308 days ago
Admin 还有更新
Lim Chee wai 326 days ago
Admin 326 days ago
we will try. thanks for opinion
Lim Chee wai 326 days ago
Lim chee wai 331 days ago
zhou 378 days ago
cant watch this show
Admin 383 days ago
fixed. pls refresh your browser. thanks for report..
Joong Ki Fans 383 days ago
08-04-2016turn to be other programs agian, pls fix that.Thx
lavendel 443 days ago
07-02,turn to a korean drama? pls take a look~~
Admin 480 days ago
we have fixed.Pls try again , thanks
lavendel 480 days ago
娱乐新闻报道 2015-12-28變了姐妹淘 (All thing Girl2) ,麻煩看一看~
Admin 542 days ago
@Just Me. So sorry. We fixed that. Thank you so much for your errors message.
just me 542 days ago
This is the 6:30 news. It should be TVB Entertainment News. I confuse them sometimes too.
mumu 580 days ago
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