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HKFree Three - 三人行

Three - 三人行

Category: Hong Kong Movie 2016
Genre(s): Action, Crime, Drama
Release: July 14, 2016
Status: Completed Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese Subtitle: English, Chinese
Director(s): Johnnie
Cast: Louis Koo, Zhao Wei, Wallace Chung
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大賊中槍受傷,在警察羈押下,由醫生進行治理。「三」,正是指三類身份、三種立場的三個人物,進行的一場人性搏奕。醫生面對信心危機,偏執要證明自己;警察誓要掩飾執法的過錯,以權謀私;大賊盤算利用人與人的矛盾反客為主,越押逃亡…… 一場醫院風雲,猶如社會現實縮影,彰顯人生百態,當每個人都以為手執的是正義之旗,堅守立場各不退讓,衝突矛盾因此產生。大難降臨,最終是帶來互相毀滅還是同舟共濟,全在一念之差。 杜琪峯繼《PTU》、《大事件》、《毒戰》後,再設人性考驗佈局,開拓銀河映像警 匪新經典。
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Admin 272 days ago
@RYUKAINO | English Sub for this dramas is not available now, we'll update as soon as when it's completed!
RYUKAINO 272 days ago
s 272 days ago
hi admin, the movies on this website cannot be played via apple tv (both airplay and mirroring - full screen). a few months ago, this was possible. can u pls help to fix this issue? i would imagine this is just a minor technical glitch? thks, s
dave 272 days ago
the sound got problem
movielady 276 days ago
thanks...i like the movie!
Admin 277 days ago
@how | click button download
how 278 days ago
how come all the movies can't download already?
cheah 283 days ago
ok tq
Admin 284 days ago
@cheah | We'll update when it is released. Thank you
cheah 284 days ago
pls upload this movie
Hung 286 days ago
I thought this movie was going to be out on the 14th? Please upload!
jayson 292 days ago
how to watch the movie
Sash 293 days ago
Really looking forward to this!!! Zhao Wei movies are always a must-see!!!
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