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HKFree The Legend Of Wong Tai Sin - 黃大仙

The Legend Of Wong Tai Sin - 黃大仙 - Ep18

Category: Hong Kong Drama 1986
Genre(s): Drama
Episode(s): 18 Status: Ep18 Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
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The 1986 TVB drama Legend of Wong Tai Sin chronicles the amazing life of Chinese folk hero and deity Wong Tai Sin. A Daoist deity known for the power of healing, Wong Tai Sin has an especially devoted following in Hong Kong where his temple is always bustling and an entire district of the city bears his name. Setting aside his swordsman image, television legend Adam Cheng portrays a hero for the ages, bringing alive the Legend of Wong Tai Sin. The drama's cast features some of the most popular actresses of the 1980s including Chan Sau Chu, Teresa Mo, Sheren Teng, Au-Yeung Pui San, and Kitty Lai, as well as 60s matinee idol Patrick Tse in the role of the villain.

Deity Chisong (Adam Cheng) controls wind and rain, but when he breaks the rules of heaven, the Jade Emperor banishes him to the mortal world. On earth, Chizongzi is reborn as Wong Cho Ping into a poor peasant family, but an extraordinary road lies ahead of him. He learns medicine from a mysterious doctor, but is forced to flee town after witnessing Prince Lung (Patrick Tse) murder his father. In the serenity of the mountains, he encounters four fairies who teach him magic. Meanwhile, Lung falls deeper and deeper into the dark side, usurping the throne and killing the innocent in his pursuit of power. To save his people from suffering, Ping leaves the mountain to battle Lung once and for all.

God of Rain (Adam Cheng) is demoted by the Heavenly Emperor to become an ordinary man. He is then born to a poor family and is named WONG CHOR PING. Proud and strong Prince FEI LUNG (Patrick Tse) has won the affection and confidence of the emperor. One day, PING is put in jail with false allegation and he meets a wizard who grants him magical skills of healing by medicine at there. PING’s medical skill is recognized widely and recommended by the imperial doctor to cure the serious disease for Princess SHEUNG SHEUNG (Chan Sau Chu).

Later on, PING bumps into LUNG who is trying to kill his father. By avoiding revenge, PING flees and lives in seclusion, practicing medicine with the help of fairies. LUNG, on the other hand, comes into possession of an evil sword and begins a tyrannical rule. PING, trying to save the people, strives to fight against LUNG with CHIU KAM SHAN (Au Yeung Pui San) and SO SO (Sheren Tang)…

Rain god Chisongzi (Adam Cheng) was supposed to take orders from heaven to rain many consecutive months to punish the humans via flood storms. However he could not bare to watch the humans suffer so much. The Jade Emperor then punishes the Rain god by sending him to be reincarnated as a human on earth. In the Eastern Jin dynasty a fortune teller predicted that the current emperor would be overthrown by someone born on August 23 that year. The emperor ordered all babies born on that date killed. But even after the mass execution, the emperor would continue to have reoccurring nightmares about being assassinated. It turns out his own son, Prince Lung (Patrick Tse) was born on that date and ended up killing him. Lung would bring a lot of troubles to the kingdom in an effort to become the next ruler.

Rain god was now reincarnated as Wong Zo-ping, a miracle doctor and healer who tried to help many people along the way. Later Wong Zo-ping becomes heavenly deity on earth Wong Tai-sin to face off against the corrupt empire. He would eventually become a legendary icon.

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