HKFree The Legend of the Blue Sea (Cantonese) - 藍色大海的傳說

The Legend of the Blue Sea (Cantonese) - 藍色大海的傳說 - Ep20 END

Other name: 푸른 바다의 전설
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance
Status: Ep20 END Country: Korea
Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Director(s): Jin Hyeok Writer(s): Park Ji-Eun
Cast: Gianna Jun, Lee Min-Ho, Lee Hee-Joon, Shin Hye-Sun, Moon So-Ri, Shin Won-Ho, Lee Ji-Hoon, Park Hae-Soo, Hwang Shin-Hye, Sung Dong-Il, Na Young-Hee, Choi Jung-Woo
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Inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who captures and releases a mermaid, this drama tells the love story between the son of a noble family in Joseon era and a mermaid.

How can a mermaid from the Joseon era survive in modern-day Seoul? Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun) is a mermaid who finds herself transplanted to modern times. She is caught by Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho), a charming but cold con artist who is the doppelgänger for Kim Moon, the son of a nobleman from the Joseon Dynasty. But in the present time, Joon Jae works with Jo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon), a skilled conman who guides Joon Jae to become a genius scammer. But Joon Jae’s friend, Cha Shi Ah (Shin Hye Sun), who works as a researcher at KAIST, may be Chung’s only hope for surviving in her strange new world.

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Wendy Poh 253 days ago
where is episodes 1 and 2?
Raymond 477 days ago
Hi Ad, when is the next post for this drama?
Ken 479 days ago
Episode 2 is not in sync. The audio and video is several seconds out of sync. please fix it. thanks
christy 530 days ago
ep11 n ep12 can not download..please fix it n please fix the volume too n make it louder for all the drama in ...tq..n please..because some drama volume is too low until very hard to listen..plaese fix it n thanks..
Chen 531 days ago
When will you upload ep11
Kei 531 days ago
Please upload till ep20
L 531 days ago
Where is ep11 and more?
Maverick 531 days ago
Pleased upload more episode.. Thank you.
Wasabi 544 days ago
Please upload more episode 9,10,...20
linda 545 days ago
please up 7,8,9
Raymond 551 days ago
Admin, can you please upload it with HD view. The quality isn't great.
btw, Ep 2 the voice didn't match the mouth when they speak please re-upload it Thanks a lot
Danny 552 days ago
Pls upload more episode
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