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HKFree Super Models - 星探

Super Models - 星探

Category: Hong Kong Movie 2015
Genre(s): Drama, Adult
Release: Oct 22, 2015
Status: Completed Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Director(s): Luo Huimin
Cast: JJ Jia Xiao-Chen, Chau Pak-Ho, Wylie Chiu Shek-Chi, Nat Chan Pak-Cheung
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“Color mode” to tender for the upper mold at all in the title, tells the story of five young girls into the line to become the soft mode is not the experience of humanity, involving the unspoken rules of the entertainment and erotic trap, the two budding women die Pei Yu and former member AD2 Yimei Qi bear positive performances, many of daring erotic performances, as well as three films King Charlie Cho to help out, and with the “Avenue of Stars of Asia”, who Yangzheng Jun and Pak-ho, Zhao Shuo, the JJ, Nat Chan, Law Ka Ying, Renee Dai and other performances, Huimin together with Renjie guide.

The story is the story of Jude, Sara, LuLu, Qoo and Suki five young girls, Jude and Sara to take a shortcut to fame and fortune, did not hesitate to sacrifice Charlie modeling agencies. On the other hand, LuLu, Qoo and Suki eligible for Catherine and small US training pitch. Lured by the parties, who can become the stars of tomorrow mold?

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