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Secret Of The Heart - 天地豪情 - Ep62 END

Category: Hong Kong Drama 1998
Genre(s): Drama
Release: Feb 16, 1998
Episode(s): 62 Status: Ep62 END Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese
Cast: Felix Wong, Gallen Lo, Sunny Chan, Nick Cheung, Amy Kwok, Kathy Chow, Jessica Hsuan, Ada Choi, Paul Chun, Suet Nei, Melissa Ng
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Winson Cheuk (Gallen Lo) is a compulsive gambler who just returned to Hong Kong after a bout of bad luck and extreme debts in Toronto, Canada. He was reunited with his childhood friend and neighbor, Abby Ching (Amy Kwok) who is disgusted with his gambling habits and laziness.

The Ching family had a dark secret that no one knows about. More than 20 years ago, Koo Yuk-mei (Suet Nei), was raped by Kam Shu-pui (Paul Chun). This resulted in the birth of Johnny Ching (Sunny Chan) whom Mei despise greatly. Growing up with his two sisters Abby and Mandy (Kathy Chow), Johnny never knew why his mother treated him badly ever since he was a child.

As fate would have it, Abby ended up working with Michael Kam (Felix Wong) who is the younger brother of Kam Shu-pui. At the same time, the sudden reemergence of Kelvin Kam (Nick Cheung), who is the son of Yuk-mei and her husband cleared away the mystery surrounding the Ching and Kam family: Yuk-mei’s husband died shortly after giving birth to Kelvin and she could not afford to care for all her children. In an effort to make Kam Shu-pui pay for what he did to her and her family, she decided to switch Kelvin with Johnny when Yip Cho-chi (Pak Yan), Kam Shu-pui’s wife comes to claim back the child.

The fact that Kelvin and Johnny’s identities were switched was accidentally made known to Kelvin. Because he is used to the good life, Kelvin schemed to eliminate Johnny so that Johnny will not have the chance inherit the Kam family’s properties.

宏(張家輝)乃航空業鉅子培(秦沛)之獨子,集萬千寵愛於一身。機緣巧合下,宏結識了雄(陳錦鴻),成為交心摯友。雄長姊鳴(郭藹明)與好賭成性的文(羅嘉良)乃宿命冤家,文不止累鳴虧蝕多年積蓄,更間接令她遭未婚夫拋棄!後鳴輾轉認識了培弟生(黃日華),並結為夫妻。但鳴妹慧(周海媚)卻暗中痴戀生,更因一次酒醉與生發生關係,改變了三人的命運。 另一方面,宏的真正身份在一次意外中遭揭破,原來雄才是培的一脈單傳!當年雄母媚(雪妮)慘被培因姦成孕,媚因無力撫養親子宏,逼得將他與孽種雄掉包,由培養育成人。早已習慣豪門生活的宏為保存一切,不惜不擇手段地逼害雄,更連愛人妍(宣萱)也出賣!究竟雄在紅顏樺(蔡少芬)相助下,能否安全脫險?而宏奸計又會否得逞?

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