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HKFree Scoop - 東張西望

Scoop - 東張西望 - 2017-04-27

Category: Hong Kong TVShow 2015
Genre(s): TVShow
Release: June 6, 2005 Runtime: Mon & Tue & Wed & Thu & Fri ; 19:35
Status: 2017-04-27 Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese
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17 comment(s)
Alex 1 day ago
When can you upload 第六屆全港運動會開幕典禮, please?
Admin 125 days ago
@vxb | we are fixing now. Tks
vxb 125 days ago
12/23/16 episode has no sound, pls fix
Admin 245 days ago
@s | we fixed. try again
s 245 days ago
scoop 2016-08-25 is wrong
cyc 265 days ago
It's the 7:30 pm news sorry
cyc 265 days ago
2016-08-04 is not 東張西望 but the 6pm news. Can you pls check on that.
Admin 299 days ago
@Mike Hawk | we checked the file is still active, pls try again
Mike Hawk 299 days ago
720p doesn't work
Admin 336 days ago
you can changes your browser chage , or pls wait 30 minutes, We are updating more sever.
Lim chee wai 336 days ago
Cannot open
Lim chee wai 336 days ago
No working loh
jill 568 days ago
request for JSG and Music Cafe. thanks.
Bob 577 days ago
ty so much!
Mike 577 days ago
working now but no 720p
Admin 577 days ago
Pls ! Try again.
Bob 577 days ago
not working
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