HKFree Meow (Cantonese) - 喵星人

Meow (Cantonese) - 喵星人

Category: Hong Kong Movie 2017
Genre(s): Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Family
Status: Completed Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Cast: Louis Koo, Ma Li, Xixi Li
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Since ancient times, the earth has been home to alien called MEOW. They come from a far-away planet and have transformed themselves as cats, live in every corner of the world. With their adorable appearances plus the clever mind , MEOWS easily made them to human’s beloved pets, served with endless food. Some MEOWS are uninhibited, live like an undergo mafia boss; some MEOWS are smart, they treat human like minions, live like kings and queens in their homes; some MEOWS are...
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