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HKFree Line Walker - 電影預告

Line Walker - 電影預告

Category: Hong Kong Movie 2016
Genre(s): Action, Drama
Release: Aug 11, 2016
Status: Completed Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese Subtitle: English, Chinese
Director(s): Jazz Boon
Cast: Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Francis Ng
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女臥底阿釘(佘詩曼 飾)收到一個以康氏密碼打出的神秘訊息,一個自稱「Blackjack」的臥底表示跟警隊失聯,阿釘隨即報告上司Q Sir(吳鎮宇 飾),一輪「尋找臥底」行動立即展開。過程裡,阿釘被引到賭場,竟發現當年被槍殺的覃歡喜「死而復生」。同一時間,Q Sir查得某商業集團暗裡涉足一宗巴西毒品交易,始把「Blackjack」的所在位置收窄,而牽涉交易的人物包括:集團主席郭銘,謀臣阿藍(張家輝 飾),阿藍頭馬少爺(古天樂 飾),以及欲東山再起的覃歡喜等。此時,各人開始知曉有臥底潛伏,人人開始猜疑,人人自危……
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Vincy 60 days ago
Why only the trailer no movie? Want to watch the Cantonese movie please!
YTW 229 days ago
I agree everyone should wait patiently and not curse / shout.
Siapa Rajah 229 days ago
Hello all of you! Don't You Know What is manners??? YOU ALL ARE GETTING IT FOR FREE. IF DON'T LIKE IT, THEN GET LOST FROM THIS SITE!!!
OKK 230 days ago
Where the fuck is the cantonese version after so many request?
OKK 230 days ago
Where the FUCK is the cantonese version?
cheah 235 days ago
where cantonese vision????? very poor your updataed||||
Lim Chee Wai 236 days ago
Admin pls....... Pls cantonese vision. Admin this topic s movie loh
Altar Singh 236 days ago
Punjabi please
ken 237 days ago
cantonese plss
Rakkata 238 days ago
@admin: cantonese please. Not good in mandarin.
Lim Chee Wai 240 days ago
Admin pls......... Pls I wan watching Cantonese vision. Plus admin
Bob The Cat 242 days ago
Is there going to be a cantonese version?
Friend 243 days ago
Where's the Cantonese please???
Tee 245 days ago
Is there going to be a cantonese version?
ola 245 days ago
admin can you please update the cantonese version?
cheah 245 days ago
how to support you ???
cheah 245 days ago
why the flag is hk???@#$%^^&
cheah 245 days ago
cantonese where??? is hk movie not china
cheah 245 days ago
why always mandarin admin
limcheewai 246 days ago
yo 246 days ago
y not Cantonese?!
hkm 246 days ago
It's in Mandarin again. Sigh..
Admin 246 days ago
@ola | pls wait about 1hour
ola 246 days ago
please do update this quickly
Mmmmm 249 days ago
Can you please, please, please, upload as soooooooon as possible!!! Thanks admin! 😊
Hallo 249 days ago
Admin please update this movie quickly
andy 252 days ago
Cannot watch
sheh 253 days ago
can faster to post the movies this ...please ...
cantonese sub and talk thank you very much
cheah 255 days ago
no date?????????
Bob The Cat 256 days ago
coming is when ?
lcming 257 days ago
Bobab 258 days ago
when is coming? Can you post Cantonese sub?
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