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HKFree Happiness (Cantonese) - 幸运是我

Happiness (Cantonese) - 幸运是我

Category: China Movie 2016
Genre(s): Drama, Family
Status: Completed Country: China
Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Director(s): Luo Yaohui
Cast: Kara Hui, Walter Chan, Liu Yase, Louis Cheung, Yan Ng
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一个在城市中游荡的不羁少年阿旭(陈家乐 饰),因一盒鸡蛋而结识了孤独老人芬姨(惠英红 饰),因为工作失意、生活窘迫,无处可去的阿旭利用“计谋”住进了芬姨的老屋,两个完全没有交集的人成为了临时室友。然而,生活在各自主张世界..
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