HKFree Godspeed (Cantonese) - 一路順風

Godspeed (Cantonese) - 一路順風

Category: Taiwan Movie 2016
Genre(s): Comedy
Release: Nov 18, 2016
Status: Completed Country: Taiwan
Language: Cantonese
Director(s): Chung Mong-hong
Cast: Michael Hui, Nadow, Leon Dai, Tou Chung-hwa, Matt Wu, Vincent Liang, Chen Yi Wen, Vithaya Pansringarm
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Nadow (Nadow) is a jobless punk who often engages in stealing and cheating. One day, when he decided to find a stable job, he accidentally becomes a drug trafficker. On one occasion while transporting drugs, Nadow gets onto a taxi driven by Old Hui (Michael Hui), a Hong Konger who married a Taiwanese woman. A failed businessman in the past, Hui's only financial support is his old taxi which not many passengers are willing to ride. Old Hui and Nadow, two people of different backgrounds and personalities, ride down south together.

What seems like an ordinary delivery trip causes the duo to be entangled in an extortion case and a murder case involving rival gangs. As their journey and lives constantly changes, it also tests their trust for each other and their newly formed friendship. Just when their lives were at stake, everything seems to have been pre-arranged.

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