HKFree Call of Heroes (Cantonese) - 危城

Call of Heroes (Cantonese) - 危城

Category: China Movie 2016
Genre(s): Action
Release: Aug 18, 2016
Status: Completed Country: China
Language: Cantonese Subtitle: English
Director(s): Benny Chan
Cast: Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Eddie Peng, Wu Jing, Yuan Quan, Jiang Shu Ying, Liu Kai Chi
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Chinese Subtitles

In the early Republic of China, the whole country was trodden by incessant civil wars. The new ruling warlord Cao Ying sent his son Cao Shaolun (by Louis Koo) to take over the remote village Puchong. Cold-blooded and temperamental, Shaolun killed the innocent and orphans relentlessly. The guardians of Pucheng arrested him and the guardian commander Yang Kenan (by Sean Lau) planned to execute him after the trial.

Zhang Yi (by Wu Jing), a colonel under the warlord Cao Ying, learnt what happened and came to Pucheng demanding the release of Shaolun. Zhang came across Ma Feng (by Eddie Peng) who learnt martial arts under the same mentor as Zhang. Ma witnessed the outrageous behaviour of Shaolun and refused to take Zhang’s side. He was determined to assist Yang to keep Shaolun behind bars.

Zhang failed to rescue Shaolun. Cao’s army invaded Pucheng and caused numerous causalities and deaths. The brave feroes swore to fight the battle to protect their homeland…

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Real Good
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Thanks for the Canto! (:
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