HKFree Apple-Colada - 果欄中的江湖大嫂

Apple-Colada - 果欄中的江湖大嫂 - Ep30 END

Category: Hong Kong Drama 2018
Genre(s): Fashion, Comedy
Release: Mar 5 - Apr 13, 2018 Runtime: Monday to Friday
Episode(s): 30 Status: Ep30 END Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Director(s): Tan Suiming, Chen Seoul, Kuang Jinhong, Hu Jiabin
Cast: Chen Wei, Huang Haoran, Cen Lixiang, Yang Ming, Huang Guangliang, Feng Yingying, Jiang Jiamin, Yuan Wenjie
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果欄位於九龍區心臟油麻地,擁有過百年歷史,佔水陸交通之便,前臨海港、後接市區,大小商舖二百多間,從業員逾二千人,為香港及鄰近地區提供水果散貨及批發。此地的特色建築物有過百年歷史,看似殘舊破落、風雨飄搖、不堪一擊,卻屹立百年不倒。原因就是這個「江湖」中,潛藏各路英雄的巨大力量與貢獻。當中的「大嫂」並非江湖話事人,而是新世代中一眾自強不息的女性或代表人物。 功利小明星李夢露、原則女教師李樂怡、江湖酒吧女陳玉敏,三位「大嫂」的代表人物,她們穿插於一群出賣勞力、揮汗如水的小市民中,描寫三人如何發揮女性互愛溫情的美德。《果欄中的江湖大嫂》為2018年寫下新的道德典範,就是義氣與溫情。

主  演:陳煒、黃浩然、岑麗香、楊明、黃光亮、馮盈盈、江嘉敏、袁文傑、林子善、劉江、黃嘉樂、李天翔

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Rakka 3 days ago
Can't play eps 10 in chinese or english sub.
Help me to fix it.
Janet 77 days ago
Subtitles in Episode 16 are a repeat of that from Episode 15. Please fix.
Janet 80 days ago
Episode 3 seems to be frozen. Won't start. Please fix.
Narto 90 days ago
Apple colada episode 3 eng sub, freeze no video
Jeffrey 94 days ago
Dear Admin, Please! Episode 16 still wrong english sub titles, please have it corrected. Thanks!
xq 100 days ago
audio issue video cant load
Jeffrey 117 days ago
Episode 16 wrong english sub titles, please have it corrected. Thanks!
Jeffrey 117 days ago
Episode 16 wrong english sub titles
ha epoh 119 days ago
cannot download.
guest 123 days ago
there is no 720 video type to watch the rst cant load
Kris 125 days ago
Hi Admin, are there any English subtitles for Eps 26-30??
kyle 130 days ago
When is the eng sub up and pls fix eps 16
Guest 131 days ago
Eps 16 Eng sub is using eps 15 subtitle
YANG 131 days ago
not able to load show. IP address broken
Gary 131 days ago
Can't download. IP address missing.
Admin 132 days ago
@bryant | PLs try again
bryant 132 days ago
cannt watch
Guest 133 days ago
Wrong subtitles. Please update. Thank you.
Chrid 134 days ago
Dear admin, pls download with eng subtitle from esp 19 onwards. Thk u
Anne 134 days ago
Dear Admin, when you have spare time, can you please fix the English sub episode 16? I think it had the wrong sub. Thank you very much fro your help.
rj 135 days ago
25 not working
YEWJIANWING 136 days ago
YEWJIANWING 136 days ago
L 137 days ago
Shelton 138 days ago
Ep21 for 360p is not loading.
Guest 141 days ago
eng subs out of sync. (apple colada epi 16)
Guest 142 days ago
Hi Admin, the subtitles are wrong
reychillcool91 142 days ago
hi Admin, the English subtitles for episode 16 apple colada is wrong and doesn't match the dialogue.
Li Ling 142 days ago
Video reloads endlessly in just episode. May I trouble you to rectify? Thank you.
nel 144 days ago
Video keeps having issues where the page will reload and you have to restart the video and this problem occurs over 5 times while watching one vid
May 145 days ago
Ep1-Ep6 can't download
CHRIS 145 days ago
hi Admin, the Apple-Colada Ep14 Esub is not showing correctly. It is stuck.
jon 145 days ago
can u upload doomed to oblivion drama series
nico 147 days ago
can reduce the pop up? thanks
Nelson wong 148 days ago
this is very good
Admin 148 days ago
@Reychillcool91 | We will fix asap
Reychillcool91 148 days ago
hi Admin, the Apple-Colada Ep15 Csub is showing Esub...
Admin 155 days ago
@wong | pls try again
wong 155 days ago
Nothing shows up besides "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
L 155 days ago
L 155 days ago
CY 158 days ago
unable to download at openload "file not found"
ching 161 days ago
Mike 164 days ago
chee 165 days ago
mgmgm 166 days ago
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